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Loan kits

Investigate Learning on Tour makes up the loans kits and outreach work of the Investigate Learning team.

Our loans kits have been updated and reconfigured and include new narratives and contents. They link to both our workshops and digital learning resources.

All loans kits are based centrally at Lincoln Museum. They are hired out weekly – collected after 1pm on Saturday and returned before 12 noon the following Saturday (other hirers may be collecting them on the same day that they are returned).

All kits are hired on a prepayment basis – for further information please see Charges – Investigate Learning

Please note that they can be kit cases but also bags and art cases, depending on the topic, so check the size so that you can easily transport them. Any other handling items we hire out will also be charged as loans kits

Loans kits are hired on a weekly basis at £17 per week.

We also have two new double kits (at weekly rate of £34) – Prehistory and Early Medieval due to popular demand.

Enquire now and you will then be contacted by a member of our team who will check availability, answer any questions about the contents of the kits and process your booking.

Here is a list of our loans kits so please book early to ensure availability.

  • LT01 Investigate Prehistory (double kit)
  • LT02 Investigate Early Medieval (double kit)
  • LT03 Investigate Creative Arts and Environments (with art canvas case)
  • LT04 Investigate Creative Arts and Identities (with art canvas case)
  • LT05 Investigate Creative Arts and Lincoln (with art canvas case)
  • LT06 Investigate Creative Arts and Societies (with art canvas case)
  • LT07 Investigate Fossils
  • LT08 Investigate Fossils
  • LT09 Investigate Romans
  • LT10 Investigate Romans
  • LT11 Investigate Romans
  • LT12 Investigate Romans
  • LT13 Investigate Ancient Greeks
  • LT14 Investigate Ancient Greeks
  • LT15 Investigate Ancient Egyptians
  • LT16 Investigate Ancient Egyptians
  • LT17 Investigate Anglo-Saxons
  • LT18 Investigate Vikings
  • LT19 Investigate Vikings
  • LT20 Investigate Medieval
  • LT21 Investigate Norman Castle
  • LT22 Investigate Medieval
  • LT26 Investigate Tudors
  • LT27 Investigate Tudor Banquet (large kit for re-enactment role play)
  • LT28 Investigate Tudors
  • LT29 Investigate Tudor Life and Leisure – Games & Pastimes
  • LT30 Investigate Tudor Life and Leisure
  • LT31 Investigate Tudors and Stuarts
  • LT32 Investigate Museum Maths
  • LT33 Agricultural Revolution Tools
  • LT34 Investigate Toys
  • LT35 Investigate Toys
  • LT36 Investigate Toys
  • LT37 Investigate Victorian Washday
  • LT38 Investigate Victorian Washday
  • LT39 Investigate Victorian Kitchen
  • LT40 Investigate Victorian Home Technology
  • LT41 Investigate Victorian Lighting
  • LT42 Investigate Victorian Seaside & Leisure
  • LT43 Investigate World War Two
  • LT44 Investigate World War Two
  • LT45 Investigate World War Two Civilian Life
  • LT46 Investigate World War Two Evacuees
  • LT47 Investigate World War Two Soldier
  • LT48 Investigate World War One
  • LT53 Investigate Reminiscences (double kit)
  • LT60 Digital resource – Medieval Lincoln Castle Film 1 (purchase not hire)
  • LT61 Digital resource – Medieval Lincoln Castle Film 2 (purchase not hire)
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