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Sandford Award for Investigate Lincoln Castle!

Great news! We’re excited to announce that the Lincoln Castle Investigate Learning team have received the Sandford Award for heritage learning!! For each of the assessment categories, we received the highest score, which is great news for our enthusiastic learning team. We’re so pleased to share this amazing site with our learning visitors.

Sandford Award Lead Assessor wrote:

Lincoln Castle thoroughly deserves its second Sandford Award in recognition of the unique and compelling insight it offers visitors into a series of locally and nationally significant historical phenomena, ranging from the medieval world and the Magna Carta to the treatment of prisoners in Victorian England.

The learning team has demonstrated impressive creativity, resourcefulness and analytical dexterity in using the site’s long and complex story to bring into focus key historical themes that relate directly to the content of the school curriculum. In so doing, they have created both a highly stimulating and memorable learning experience delivered in the most authentic of settings.

Visitors cannot help but be captivated by the breadth of history on display here and by the site’s skill in bringing it vividly to life in a way that will resonate with learners for years to come.

This recognition builds upon our Sandford Award success last year for The Collection Museum and we enjoy meeting all of our learning participants!

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