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Creative arts learning linked to the Artists in residence

This May and June we are offering creative art workshops linked to othe work of our Artists in residence. We are excited that they will be with us on site. They are

Michael Shaw – is a sculptor and curator of Burghley House Sculpture Garden. During his residency, he will aim to create a working studio that enables 3D printing, CNC paper cutting and drawing responses to collection artefacts.

Belén Cerezo – is an artist, researcher and lecturer in the Photography department at Nottingham Trent University.  Her practice focusses on the production of immersive multi-projection audio-visual installations and through her residency she will explore the boundaries between ‘looking at’ and ‘being in’ through immersion in these installations.

Ros Lorimer – is an artist and archaeological illustrator who will set up an archaeological drawing office in the gallery. Ros plans to make examinations of artefacts from The Collection that have ‘arrived’ at different times in Lincolnshire from other locations, leading to a creative and topical exploration of migration and travel through the ages.

If you would like to book a workshop or discuss doing a linked project with us then let us know and we will look at the options for you.

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