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Lincolnshire County Council, in conjunction with Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire, is currently in its 9th year of project funding from The Department for Education and administered via The Arts Council England.  

This is an exciting national project and this funding is given to enable the schoolchildren of Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire, to visit our many aviation sites and learn of the important part that Lincolnshire played during times of conflict, particularly WW1 and WW2.

With our Aviation Arts Council funding we are able to host not just standard visits to our sites but also bespoke workshops according to the school’s specific needs.

Additionally we also routinely run sessions which cover topics such as Art, Literacy, Poetry and Creative Writing all linking to the history of the site where they are taking place. 

We are also launching our digital Arts Award this term to complement our other Arts Award offers so watch this space!

The majority of our aviation sites are free to visit and our funding also allows us to help towards the transport costs incurred in getting to our sites. 

We are able to reimburse schools up to £150 per visit against the cost of their coaches.

Joining the Investigate Learning team

We are now fully a part of the Investigate Learning team and are excited to be working on new exhibition projects, for example the Imperial War Museum exhibition from December. 

Due to the pandemic we, like many people, are working from home and unable to offer our usual programme of events and workshops.  

However we are still keeping busy and preparing lots of online activities for you all to enjoy

Shortly we shall be releasing our digital World War 2 resources.  

These are themed around topics such as Rationing, Dig for Victory, Make do and Mend etc and are aimed at schools, home schoolers and anyone interested in learning a little more about what life was like in WW2.  

Each worksheet has information about the subject and fun activities to help instil that knowledge.

At the moment we are not able to run our normal workshops at this time but we are looking into ways that we can convert some of our more popular ones into digital sessions which we will send out to schools in order that you can run them yourselves.

Plans are afoot so watch this space!

Several of our sites have now reopened and are offering school visits once again. These will be different to before, bearing in mind the latest regulations.

All these sites are COVID compliant and have put safety measures in place to protect their visitors and staff.

If you would like to arrange a visit to one of our open sites, please either contact the site directly or email us at


Battle of Britain

Wartime Christmas


Make do and mend

Dig for Victory

Remembrance Day

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