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Autumn is coming – and so are our workshops

We are looking forward to welcoming you back for our workshops across the sites this autumn. Demand has been very high and we have reviewed our capacity and learning spaces. Access for some of our offers will be limited until next year so please check with us with regard to topic availability. In particular we are unable to offer Egyptians and Greeks at The Collection Museum and the Castle self-led all-inclusive this year.

Our loans kit offer (Investigate Learning on Tour) – see the updated list – has been increased and during the Autumn we will also be adding our new creative arts kits and even a Tudor banquet experience kit! We will also be launching our new ‘Learning from the Castle Walls’ films, focussing on the Norman period for each key stage – they are in the editing suite right now (image above)!

We are launching a new environmental garden project at Museum of Lincolnshire Life called ‘Our Patch of Earth’ which links to the site Victorian history and creative arts. There are opportunities for schools to be involved so watch out for further details.

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