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You can journey through the expanse of history and culture presented at our amazing heritage sites. We offer unique atmospheres and sense of place in which to learn and enjoy with vibrant and flexible learning spaces that enable us to provide a wide variety of activities.

Our dedicated learning team have a wealth of experience in history and cultural learning. We are proud to be Sandford Award winners and pride ourselves on our quality learning experiences.

Our learning experiences have been designed for a variety of age ranges and curriculum requirements. We support the National Curriculum and other formal qualifications, for example GCSE History and Art.

Our learning offer has been divided into 3 areas to help you decide which style fits your needs:

Workshop Experiences

These are led by the learning team and we have over 25 to choose from!

You will experience a range of sessions for either a part day or full day workshop. You can choose from the list of workshop offers or speak with us to create your bespoke combination from across the range. Our workshop experiences support learning outcomes based upon the themes of Investigate, Create and Reflect.

Guided Learning Experiences

These are led by the learning team and focus on topics related to the site, exhibitions and/or collections. They include a guided tour of the site. They are generally 1 hour long but times may vary.

Examples include:

  • a visit to a temporary exhibition at Lincoln Museum or a visit to the Roman Posterngate (under Saltergate)
  • a bailey tour at Lincoln Castle with a specific topic focus, for example medieval castle life or law and order
  • a gallery tour at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life with a transport and technology focus.

Self-led Experiences

You may wish to lead your own visit to the site. All self-led visits are booked via the learning team and there are a variety of options to choose from. Information about lunch room availability and access to other site facilities are also provided to support your risk assessments.

Each of our offers has a specific learning code (e.g. CM01 means Jurassic Sea at Lincoln Museum), an advisory age limit and details of the timescale.

There are example timetables on the website to give an idea of the full day or part day, but we will prepare yours with you on an individual basis.

Our learning team will support your decision making. They have a wealth of experience teaching across the age ranges and can advise on the most appropriate learning experience for your needs.

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